A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Minetest is a near-infinite-world block sandbox game and a game engine, inspired by InfiniMiner, Minecraft and the like.

Minetest is available natively for Windows, OS X, GNU/Linux, Android, and FreeBSD. It is Free/Libre and Open Source Software, released under the LGPL 2.1 or later.


Near-infinite maps

With a 620003  block playing area, there's no running out of space. Yes, the world height is also near-infinite.

Multiplayer support

Play by yourself, locally with your friends, or online with dozens of players on a server.

Multiple subgames

Want to install dozens of mods at once? You can. Want to play Hunger Games? No problem!

Modding API

Modify the game and add new content using the Lua programming language.

Texture packs

Not happy at the look of the textures? Change the textures!

Learn more at minetest.net


64bit Windows 14 MB
Version 0.4.16 Jun 05, 2017
32bit Windows 14 MB
Version 0.4.16 Jun 05, 2017
Linux AppImage 15 MB
Version 0.4.16 Jun 05, 2017

Also available on


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this game does not open 

Undeniably the closest thing i have found to minecraft

omg first time playing and i love it

how to open .example file?


is this free minecraft?

yes and no

I have played Minetest for many years now, even after buying Minecraft, I still play it. While minecraft may be more complete, nothing can beat the Minetest community.


its free minecraft :)

Hi there fwe robux?




Just installed, looks like minecraft, i think it'll be cool though :p

(1 edit) (+2)

a very good open soure game. lets rock.


Very good!


oh man gawd!!