A downloadable game for macOS and Linux

Minetest is a near-infinite-world block sandbox game and a game engine, inspired by InfiniMiner, Minecraft and the like.

Minetest is available natively for Windows, OS X, GNU/Linux, Android, and FreeBSD. It is Free/Libre and Open Source Software, released under the LGPL 2.1 or later.


Near-infinite maps

With a 620003  block playing area, there's no running out of space. Yes, the world height is also near-infinite.

Multiplayer support

Play by yourself, locally with your friends, or online with dozens of players on a server.

Multiple subgames

Want to install dozens of mods at once? You can. Want to play Hunger Games? No problem!

Modding API

Modify the game and add new content using the Lua programming language.

Texture packs

Not happy at the look of the textures? Change the textures!

Learn more at minetest.net


5.6.0 for Windows (32-bit) 18 MB
5.6.0 for Windows (64-bit) 18 MB

Also available on


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Dude, you are hurting it by not correcting the instalation error. I would recomend to check how to fix it if you do not know how.


Minetest have a website where you can download the game http://minetest.net/

É um jogo otimo mas presisa ser otimizado


Bug: On the itch desktop app, when you click the install button it does not work.

ye where is the  download?


Can't download-install from itch app.


me tooo


m i n e c r a f t

But open source

if i could just download. . .


Go to their official website


Thank you for making Minetest known on itch too! Keep this updated we want more people to know the project!

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It's an open-scorce minecaft, which is great actually! gg


no it is not  it is so much better than minecraft , (integrated shaders modding API , subgames ,mod installer ,etc)


ok i didn't know about those things

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Random tips related to the game:

  • This page seems to be unofficial (not sure) and has outdated version of the game, so I recommend going to the link in the bottom of description to check official  webpage, source code, forums to ask questions etc.
  • Game launches through exe file in "bin" folder on Windows, for Linux I recommend checking Flatpak/Your distro repositories first and for Android version use Play Market or F-Droid (Android port overall is kinda bad, better play on PCs if you can)
  • This game is basically an engine for "Games" and "Mods", standard game is bare bones and just boring, but there is 1500 or so mods already in built-in Content Downloader, try them out!
    • Examples - MineClone 2 or 5 is a games for "Minecraft" expirience, NodeCore is a very hardcore "feature exploration" game, Mesecons is a mod that adds "redstone"-like logistics, i3 is the best inventory mod out there etc.
  • There is a lot of online servers out there, and a lot of them are with actual players online most of the time, so try them too.
    • No one can ban you from every server at once, because servers are independent and there is no centralised "account" system.

I don't know why this happens, but on my pixel 6 the mobile version from the play store freezes randomly, Mostly when I look up or down. Anyone know how to fix this?

Can someone tell me how to play locally with my friends without the need to host a whole server?


If I understand correctly "Host Server" checkbox in main menu will basically do same as "Open to LAN" in MC, at least if you don't have static ip, opened router ports etc.



Thank you for making this! I hope this project continues. This really brings back what made minecraft great in the first place:

A game not owned by a multimillion-megacorp made by people who love it, supported by a community who loves to play and mod it.


Can you make an game  version that runs on a 32 bit linux system?


just get windows its so much better






No. It's true!


true bro

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He probably has a potato, that's why he is using 32 bit linux
((no offense))

Version 5.6.0 for Windows does not work for me
using Wine 1.6.20 (Gecko 2.21) on my
MX-15 Debian Jessie 32 bit Linux system.

windows is much worse actually  here is my linux desktop , now try doing this in windows

There are builds on Debian’s repositories for x86. If you want a more recent version though, check the Debian backports or maybe even ArchLinux32 if you’re willing to deal with dependency spaghetti. (Maybe also check previous work on static builds on Minetest’s GitHub issue tracker.)


this is not an inspiration its just a texture pack


It is not. It's made from scratch using different language (and has very cool modding abilities)



no, minetest


Deleted 216 days ago
Deleted 216 days ago

does this game have a dynamic lighting system?

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Lookup Minetest spherical world. And then download v5.4.1 from the official website - or get the flathub/snep version.
There is so much potential with this game.

The only thing missing are shaders.

it is called spheretest and is based on a really old version of minetest , also  i would recommend to install 5.61+  because that version includes dynamic shadows + bloom shaders      

What Are Nodes?

The nodes are the blocks that the world of minetest is made up of.



your game is amazing but how do your friends join your server?


Hey, We love your game and the friendly community we found on the servers, we make videos on itch.io games we find, if you are interested here it is.


Is Minecraft.


theres an installer issue




wtf i cant install it whyyyy tf


outdated.. version 5.4.1 stable is out... ;-)

looks pretty cool


This game is broken


you go to bin and scroll down to open it

How do i open it

I am confused on how to open the game?


this is unofficial

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Very solid game, fully open-source, but surprisingly it’s still not very popular. Has tons of mods and installer for them, look at the official site. If you want to play Minecraft-style in it, use MineClone game mode. If you don’t like Minecraft or want something original, there are other subgames and servers with different style and gameplay.


Este Juego es Para esas Personas que No les sirve el Minecraft Gratis o no lo pueden comprar (Como Yo)

TLauncher Amigo

Lacks some options like fov and sensitivity but noice anyway


It has both, look deeper in options.


When I first looked at this I thought it was a crappy Minecraft rip-off, but after playing around and learning more about it, I can say that this is a very cool game.

I tryed to start the game but it dossent WORK?!


if you have any problems or bugs, you can seek for help in the place where the source code is stored. there are plenty of people there to help ^^

depending on the problem, there might be a solution available already :3


how to make a game i try and it failed :(

is it safe?



how do you play multiplaye


Its a very good game, but need more things, I like very much to play that and I will be very happy if had more updates

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