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minetest version 5.2.0 stable released!!!

Improve translate

xbox concoller


Cool game !


has a lot of potential if you make it less like minecraft, very fun tho!

My window denfender blocks the intalling can someone help me also i'm new.? 


Oml thanks for making this i can't buy minecraft... so YOU MADE A GAME JUST LIKE IT!! ^-^


The exe file is under the bin folder... i found it its called: minetest.exe


Go to for latest release

how do i start up this game?


Hello, to start the game on windows you need to download the file, once you did that you then need to unzip the zipped folder given.  Lastly, you need to go the the file open to to bin and there's Minetest!

how to start the game? There is no exe file in the archive.

its in the bin folder i think

Correct, after you finish unzipping the folder on windows.


Hi, I just think this game is mega cool.
Im minecraft fan first hour and I have to say you are already doing this better than the original one.
The landscapes, the rivers and everything that goes with it has simply been better.
Now only animals are missing and maybe a few villages with npc's  :)
Very good work!!!
Thanks for that < 3

How do you allow client-side mods on here?

Hey! Minetest 5.0.0 is almost released. Will it be updated to that?

They don't seem to be responding to people on this page, and they aren't the original creators of Minetest. Also, 5.0.0 breaks compatibility with old mods and world formats (sometimes frequently, for years now). I suggest releases instead (it also has better support; I make some content for Minetest mods including for releases).


How do I open the game?


I never get to play more than once... my world never ever gets to load a second time, it really takes the fun out of the game when I never get to finish my constructions.

The people who posted this release (not the original creators of Minetest) don't seem to be offering you any assistance, so let me help you out. These minetest (.net) releases have major flaws starting around 2016 that just keep building up. I suggest trying the releases instead.

wheres the source link?

Here you go:


how can you make it multiplyaer?


this game does not open 


Undeniably the closest thing i have found to minecraft

omg first time playing and i love it


how to open .example file?

Not .example, .executable

Just go to the bin folder and run minetest.exe


is this free minecraft?


yes and no

I have played Minetest for many years now, even after buying Minecraft, I still play it. While minecraft may be more complete, nothing can beat the Minetest community.


its free minecraft :)


Hi there fwe robux?




Just installed, looks like minecraft, i think it'll be cool though :p

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a very good open soure game. lets rock.


Very good!


oh man gawd!!